"A huge lie repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister PRIMER-Connecticut "Unanswered media bias and misinformation repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — PRIMER
"There should be another international committee; to investigate why the United States placed two skyscrapers in the way, disturbing Al-Qaeda's Humanitarian Peace Flyby on September 11th."

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Letter to the Editor Guidelines

The media molds public opinion and public opinion steers public policy. Your letter will contribute to this vital process.

A letter-to-the-editor should be timely and written within 2 to 3 days, if possible. Please send a blind copy of your letter to Mark Fishman, president of PRIMER.

The following guidelines should be carefully considered.

  1. Letters should be sent by email or typewritten, if possible. Typewritten letters should be double spaced and on one side of the paper only. Include your home address and phone number.
  2. Develop your own thoughts. Do NOT copy exact words or phrases from the Comment and Analysis.
  3. Use your name as an individual and not as a member of PRIMER, unless specifically requested to do so.
  4. Letters should not be lengthy.
  5. Do not be strident or sarcastic.
  6. Do not attack the editors or the newspaper, or accuse them of being anti-Israel or anti-Semitic.
  7. If you do not see any letter-to-the-editor in response to the news article:
    1. Call the editor and politely request that your letter be considered for publication. Note that the public should be given the opportunity to read a balanced view.
    2. If the editor is not responsive, you may wish to call the Courant's reader's representative.

For more information about PRIMER-Connecticut, send email to info@primerct.org

PRIMER-Connecticut • P.O. Box 0591, West Hartford, CT 06137-0591

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