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Table of Contents


News article: Campus Braces for Protest
Courant staff writer

No rebuttal from pro-Israel counter-demonstrators. The remarks are distorted
and inaccurate. See June 8 article for Moshe Katsav’s statement.

No rebuttal from pro-Israel counter demonstrators. The remarks are biased and

• “There are people who don’t belong to our continent. . .” DISTORTION

Katsav’s remarks are distorted and taken out of context. President Katsav re-
confirmed what is obvious. The Palestinians he referred to are Palestinian terrorists.

a man who embodies such hate and racism. . .” NO REBUTTAL

No rebuttal from pro-Israel counter-demonstrators to this unsubstantiated allegation.

News article: A Murder of Children
Los Angeles Times (Tracy Wilkenson)

JUNE 2 (continued) CATEGORY
This unfortunate opinion implies that certain unspecified numbers of deaths, murder
of innocent civilians, stays within the threshold of acceptance.

settlers. Arafat – released numerous Hamas and Islamic militants.

The media have again sanitized terrorists. They are “militants” and “gunmen.”


News article: Israel Waits for Arafat’s Cease-fire
Washington Post (Lee Hockstader)

“Armed” attack on Israel civilians should read, “terrorist” attacks on Israel civilians.

Again, the use of the word “militant” sanitizes terrorists.

difficult, if not impossible.

This opinion appears within the context of news reporting, assumes Arafat truly wants
to arrest terrorists. Not substantiated as fact.

News article: No Peace Here for Israeli President
Courant staff writers


JUNE 4 (continued) CATEGORY
The media frequently reports this information whenever there is a review of the death
count. For what purpose, other than imply that the deaths are inversely proportioned
to the level of responsibility and that Israel is responsible for the disproportionate death
count. In no war has there ever been this media fixation on the number of casualties on
each side – numbers that certainly are not indicative of right and wrong. See May 19
article for explanation of death count.

Palestinians is a betrayal of Judaism’s tenets DISTORTION

No rebuttal from President Katsav’s supporters to these outrageous and slanderous
allegations, which are in fact wrong. Self defense is indeed an important Jewish tenet,
as it would be in any religious or secular element of a democratic society.


News article: Family: Bomber a Devout Muslim
Associated Press

Arab men to become militant. “We wanted peace. . .Israel left us no choice except OMISSION
this (militant) path.”

It appears that the journalist (Associated Press) has injected the word “militant”
into the father’s statement, sanitizing the terrorist action of the son.

There is no rebuttal or mention made that these young suicide bombers, from early
childhood, are victims of lies and incitement from their mosques, schools, and the
controlled media.


Commentary: A Mark of Honor
Amy Pagnozzi - Courant Columnist

The allegation is not substantiated. See June 8 news article for President Katsav’s

waving Zionists is amazing. IMAGING
Obviously, the demonstrators were not of every ethnicity.

Labeling the counter demonstrators “Zionists” is a slur often used by Arab rejectionists
who do not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation. Ms. Pagnozzi’s sweeping
conclusion that the demonstrators are Zionists without exploring whether in fact they
are is unverifiable opinion. One can be supportive of Israel and President Katsav,
wave the flag, and not be a member of the movement.

cannot enforce his call for an immediate cease fire.

The “within hours” time frame limit and condition is without any substantiation.

crowds – raining missiles upon residential areas – turning schools into outposts DISTORTION
– (Israel) A terrorist state. INACCURATE
There is no mention that the motivation of Israel’s action is not revenge solely for
the sake of revenge. The purpose is to cut off infiltration of terrorists into Jewish
residential areas and to seek justice for those who have been murdered. Nor is there
(continued) CATEGORY
any mention that Israel uses live ammunition into crowds only if attacks with
live ammunition, fire bombs, etc. are being launched at Israelis from within those
crowds. The assertion that Israeli missiles indiscriminately “rain
upon residential
areas,” is false. Missiles are selectively used against known terrorists who have
organized or participated in the killing of innocent civilians. These terrorists that
live and operate within residential areas often use residents as shields.

themselves for the homeland.

“Natural growth” of settlements, written in quotations, falsely implies that it is not
natural growth.

“Willing to sacrifice themselves for the homeland” just stops short of justifying
terrorism. “The homeland” incorrectly implies that the West Bank and Gaza were
formerly under Palestinian Arab sovereignty.

Although settlements are legal, Israel’s policy under Barak and Sharon was not to
develop new settlements but to allow for expansion of existing settlements.

• Sharon’s need to conquer is boundless DISTORTION
To “conquer” is an aggressive act that indiscriminately enlarges an empire by
militarily attacking other sovereign nations. There is no clarification, that the West
Bank and Gaza are, at best, disputed territories that Israel captured in a defensive

JUNE 5 (continued) CATEGORY
war in 1967. The settlement concept was created after the 1967 war by the Labor
government, as a defensive move to create a strategic depth of protection, assuring
that Israel would never again be vulnerable to military attacks from surrounding
Arab nations.


This is an egregious falsehood. Israel is indeed a democracy and Moshe Katsav its

This commentary by Amy Pagnozzi is clearly biased and transcends the bounds of
responsible journalism.

News article: Cease Fire Threatened – Israel Considers Buffer
Associated Press (Nicole Winfield)

Palestinian side – 108 on the Israeli side. DISTORTION

Here again are the oft-repeated “militant” in lieu of terrorist and comparative
of death statistics.
See May 19 article for explanation of death count.

News article: CIA Chief Sent to Mideast
Washington Post (Alan Siprus)

Again, the “sanitization” of terrorists – “militant” in lieu of terrorist. Sheikh Ahmed,
who is called a “spiritual leader” is primarily engaged as an organizer of terrorism.

JUNE 6 (continued) CATEGORY
Clinton administration – helping to foster successful cooperation. OMISSION

There is no mention that during the Clinton administration, major Israeli concessions
were paralleled by Arafat’s continued violations of fundamental obligations of the Oslo
Accords, violations which climaxed at Camp David. Israel’s acquiescence up to this point
sent a clear message to Arafat not to make peace but to commence with another intifada –
this time with lethal violence. It would produce the greatest of all Arab demands – the
“Palestinian Right of Return,” a killer demand on Israel that clearly reveals Arafat’s
real goal – the dismantling of the Jewish state.


News article: Israeli Settlers Go on Rampage in Village
Knight Ridder (Nomi Morris)

In the the context of the Middle-East it would also mean injury and death. The actual
so-called “rampage” included burning of Arab wheat fields and buildings.

Comparing the New York Times headline with the Hartford Courant headline of the same
The New York Times Headline:
Settlers Press Sharon to Declare War on the Palestinians”
The Hartford Courant headline:
“Israeli Settlers Go on a Rampage in Village”

  • Jewish settlers were angered by the wounding (critical condition) of a 6-month old Israeli
baby, who was hit with a rock while riding in a car.

A clarifying sub-headline should have been: “. . .After stoning of 6-month old baby who
is in critical condition”

JUNE 7 (continued) CATEGORY
Palestinian militants. . .450 Palestinians and 110 Israelis killed. IMAGING
Again – sanitizing terrorists as “militants”
Again – the distorted killing comparison
See May 19 article for explanation of death count.

Editorial: Why Moshe Katsav? INACCURATE

  • Referring to Palestinians, he (Katsav) added: There are people who don’t belong to our
continent, to our world, but actually belong to a different galaxy.” Such language is
unbecoming of a national leader.

After receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Hartford, President Katsav
spoke with a group of journalists and said:
“There are Palestinians who are innocent people, too. Not all Palestinians are hateful
murderers. I’m talking about Palestinians who are terrorists.”

It is unthinkable that the President of Israel would ever make a sweeping racist statement
encompassing all Palestinians. His reference to “there are people” clearly means there
are people among Palestinians...

Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Break Off
New York Times

  • The ceremony (funeral) was for a 5 month old Israeli – who died this morning. He was
injured last week by Palestinian stone throwers when his parents’ car was stoned.

A large photo of the grieving father reciting the Kadish for his dead son accompanied
the article.

JUNE 12 (continued) CATEGORY
This article is newsworthy – not only because a 5 month old baby was killed, but it OMISSION
clearly demonstrates that throwing stones can be deadly. Yet, one wonders why the
Courant had chosen not to publish this story.

News article: A Fragile Cease-Fire
Combined Wire Services

This is a large front page article with maps and photos showing the history of violence that
is now in its second year. It is an analysis within the news segment of the Courant and should
have been appropriately identified.

Ariel Sharon, Israeli opposition leader visits Jerusalem’s Temple Mont sacred to both OMISSION
Jews and Muslims.

The photo and caption implies that Sharon’s visit is the cause of the violence. There is no
mention that the Palestinian Authority was informed of the anticipated visit and approved
by Prime Minister Barak. In addition, the Mitchell report confirmed that Sharon’s visit
was not the precipitating factor. Nor is there mention that the violence had been planned
and initiated by Arafat after he rejected the incredible offer made by Israel at Camp David.

Again, a comparison of casualties without explanation or analysis of the reasons leaves
the reader to conclude that the death count is inversely proportional to responsibility.
There is no mention that Palestinian deaths are due to:
from behind Palestinian demonstrators.
(continued) CATEGORY
Nor is there mention that most of the Israeli deaths are innocent civilians.
See May 19 article for further explanation of the death count.

means actively preventing incitement of hatred and violence toward Jews – and DISTORTION
declaring that terror is abhorrent.

There is no mention that “declarations” against terrorism have been made each time
there have been acts of deadly Palestinian terrorism. Appropriate action such as arresting
and convicting terrorists have rarely taken place. Under pressure, the Palestinian
Authority uses a “revolving door” system. Arrest and release, or arrest, convict, and
then release.
Nor is there mention that the Palestinians initiated the lethal violence after Camp
David and that most of the Israeli victims are innocent civilians. Israel’s responsive
actions are defensive.

Equating both sides as equally responsible for “shattered trust” ignores the initiator
of violence and the many warmed over meaningless Palestinian declarations that
terrorism is “abhorrent.”

as eating away at their (Palestinian) hoped for state – Palestinian launched their uprising
against Israeli occupation.

There is no mention that the Palestinians were offered a Palestinian state in virtually
all of the territories, that would have eliminated the need for an occupation uprising.

But Israel’s risky offer was rejected by Arafat. Nor is there mention that new
settlement construction had been frozen. Only natural growth of existing settlements
are permitted.

JUNE 13 (continued) CATEGORY
Israelis leave all the lands claimed by the Palestinians. IMAGING

Describing the Palestinians in Hebron as “conservative” is an unusual
characterization for the extremists who have perpetrated numerous terrorist attacks
from Hebron. There is no mention that in addition to the Palestinian claim to “all the
lands,” Israel likewise has a legitimate claim to “all the lands,” but agreed to
turn over control of most lands populated by Palestinians in compliance with the Oslo
interim agreement. However, this agreement that also calls for specific compliance
by the Palestinians has been virtually ignored.


There is no rebuttal or verification to the implication that Israel is deliberately denying
sick and pregnant women medical help.

News article: West Bank Bloodshed Spoils Effort for Firm Cease-Fire
New York Times

The following did not appear in the Courant: OMISSION

  • Despite the latest violence the Israelis removed tanks from some roads. . .and reopened
a border crossing – but did not pull back from Ramallah, Nablus and Rafah

Israel had been widely regarded as the aggressor – but international opinion swung to Mr.
Sharon’s side when he did not order the retaliation after the Tel-Aviv suicide bombing

JUNE 15 (continued) CATEGORY
  • Dore Gold – an advisor to Mr. Sharon, told the Associated Press, “This doesn’t look like
a cease-fire – it looks more like a shooting gallery.”

The above news events were available to the Courant through various wire services but
were not reported.

Political Cartoon

The cartoon shows terrorism as the way to peace for Arafat and occupation a way to peace
for Sharon.

the murder of innocent people has no equal.

exist if Sharon thought otherwise. However, Arafat’s strategy of using terrorism as a
smokescreen for peace has been successful in generating concessions from Israel in
exchange for intangible promises that have never materialized. There’s an imbalance
in weighing Israel’s tangible land with Arafat’s promises of peace.

News article: Day 2 of a Mideast truce sees few violent incidents
New York Times

The following are excerpts of the June 16 New York Times article:

Despite reservations, Israel dismantled more checkpoints today and opened some roads OMISSION
to Palestinian traffic – They have yet to ease restrictions in Nablaus, Ramallah and
– The Israeli military authorities reported several incidents of stone throwing
and attacks with grenades in Gaza – The Palestinian police said Israeli soldiers fired
rubber-coated bullets at stone throwing demonstrators who tried to dismantle an Israeli

JUNE 16 (continued) CATEGORY
There were no news reports of these newsworthy events in the Courant on June 16.

News article: Camp Feels Brunt of Mideast Violence

Seeds of Peace – a summer camp and dialogue program for both Israeli and Palestinian
teenagers was cancelled.

“when our children are suffering at the hands of Israeli soldiers. They have killed many
of our children.”

No rebuttal/response from Israel to the allegations. Yes, innocent Palestinian children
have unintentionally been killed. Some caught between crossfire. Others used by
Palestinian terrorists as shields. Conversely, innocent Israeli children are intentionally
murdered by terrorists. Although the Israeli Education Ministry decided against an
official delegation, the mayor of Haifa, Avram Mitzna agreed to send a delegation of
Israeli Arabs and Jews.


News article: Sharon Sees Too Much Violence for Talks

refugee camp.

There is no Israeli rebuttal to the report. Nor was there any mention whether or not
the demonstrators were using lethal weapons – or whether live ammunition or rubber
bullets were used.


JUNE 18 (continued) CATEGORY
“Hawk” – aggressor that swoops down and devours its prey. Sharon, the “hawk,”
who unilaterally ordered a cease-fire and does not wish to negotiate until there are
seven days of no violence.

soldiers fired on demonstrators. NO REBUTTAL
The Palestinian doctor – hardly objective – offers no details. There is no rebuttal/
response from Israel. Nor is there mention that Israelis do not intentionally kill
innocent children.

A “hardliner” is an extremist.

A “moderate” is neutral and balanced.

This word imaging label reflects the opinion/bias of the journalist.
A non-biased definition of general political factions are ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’.
The more extreme segments of each party are the radicals.

News article: Sharon Faces New Pressure as 2 Drivers Are Killed
New York Times

Sharon rejected demands by Jewish settlers that he call off Israel’s tentative truce with
the Palestinians.

Is this Sharon the “hawk” that is often vilified? Although the report is certainly
newsworthy, it did not appear in the Courant.

News article: Powell Is Going to Mideast to Shore Up Cease-Fire
Associated Press (Mark Lavie)

There is no explanation of who started the shooting. In the past, settlers who are
civilians have been targeted by Palestinian terrorists. In fact, on June 21, the New
York Times reported that “A 62 year old Israeli from the Homesh settlement was killed
(ambushed) in a Palestinian village near Nablus.”

much-criticized policy of targeted killing of Palestinian activists. IMAGING

There is no information as to who the “analysts” are. Sanitizing terrorists have now
moved up a notch – from militants to “activists.”

News article: Gaza Blast Kills Two Soldiers, Bomber
Associated Press (Mark Lavie)

wounded by army fire.

There is no response from Israel or an explanation as to why the Israeli army fired on
the Palestinians. The most likely story – the army returned fire after Palestinians fired
on settlers (civilians).


News article: Palestinian Killed; Officials Plead for Calm HEADLINE
Associated Press (Ibrahim Barzak)

The headline is misleading. Not until the last paragraph was it revealed that the Palestinian
was carrying grenades and a pistol. This important explanation should have been an
integral part of the headline or placed in a sub-headline.
JUNE 24 (continued) CATEGORY
dozen settlers in drive by attacks and roadside shootings during nine months of violence. OMISSION

There is no Israeli rebuttal/response. Nor is there mention that settlements are legal
according to the views of international legal scholars and the official U.S. position.
The killing of settlers, who are civilians, is an act of terrorism.

News article: Sharon Stung by Renewed Furor over 1982 Massacre
Washington Post (Lee Hockstader)

Sharon should or could be convicted of war crimes. . .
Palestinian survivors of the massacre asked a Belgian Court to indict Sharon for war
A Human Rights Watch called for criminal investigation of Sharon.

The article does not report on the Israel courts finding that Sharon was not directly
responsible for the 1982 incident. Nor does the article mention Sharon’s successful
lawsuit against Time magazine for slandering him by making this insinuation.

Who are the Human Rights Watch? There are numerous so-called “Human Rights”
groups that are intensely biased and use word imaging titles that insidiously distorts
their true mission.

News article: Bush Presses Sharon on Peace Plan
Associated Press (Ron Fournier)

Although the news article is generally balanced, important statements made by Sharon OMISSION
and his spokesman were not reported, such as the following that appeared in the New York
Times on June 27:

JUNE 27 (continued) CATEGORY
“One must understand that if last week we had 5 dead it’s like the United States,
Mr. President, having 250 or maybe 300 people killed by terror,” Mr. Sharon said.

Roanan Gussen, a spokesman for Mr. Sharon said: “Until Arafat takes the necessary
steps, we cannot move ahead. We can’t make the mistakes of past administrations and
negotiate while Israelis are under fire.”


News article: Powell Guarded on Sanctions Plan
Washington Post (Steven Mufson)

This news article is primarily involved with Iraqi sanctions. The following enlightening
information on the Israel-Palestinian conflict appeared in the New York Times on June 30,
2001 but was not reported in the Courant:

bottles and fire bombs were thrown, and 6-separate mortar launchings in Gaza.

In Jerusalem, Secretary Powell said that Mr. Sharon and his ministers would have to
“make the judgment as to whether or not it is quiet and by what definition.”

The Israeli government opposes monitors or observers because as Mr. Dore Gold, senior
advisor to Prime Minister Sharon, said, “In situations involving the war against terrorism,
these monitors turn out to be one way filters that permit continuing warfare against Israel
but restrict the freedom of action of Israel’s response.”


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