"A huge lie repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister PRIMER-Connecticut "Unanswered media bias and misinformation repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — PRIMER
"This is the first war in history which has ended with the victors [Israel] suing for peace and the vanquished [Arabs] calling for unconditional surrender." — Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban following the 1967 Six-Day War.

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Table of Contents



News article: Israeli Missile Strike Kills Eight
Combined Wire Services

child waiving the Hamas flag. Neither the headline or sub-headline explains the
reason for the attack, an important and appropriate balance for a one sided


deadly spiral of
violence began. DISTORTION

There is no mention that an “Israeli occupation” would not exist today if Arafat
had accepted former Primer Minister Barak’s offer of a Palestinian state on virtually
all of the West Bank and Gaza, that included most of East Jerusalem as its capitol.
Nor is there mention that the “violence” initiated by the Palestinians consists
primarily of terrorism. Israel’s response is to hunt down the terrorists and the
organizers of terrorist attacks, just as America
is doing in hunting down the terrorists,
their leaders and supporters responsible for the September 11 devastation.

The implication that both Israel and Palestinians are equal in generating the “deadly
spiral of violence” is a distorted immoral equivalence. Israel responds to the deliberate
murder of innocent civilians. The Palestinians’ “spiral” is more terrorism.


AUGUST 1 (continued) CATEGORY
Other than the word “provocative,” there is no precise quote from the Bush
administration. “Unusually blunt language” and “deplored” is the journalist’s
opinion of the language Bush allegedly used. There is no rebuttal or response from
Israel to the alleged Bush administration “attack.

“gunman” - “bomb- makers”

Although there is no explanation of the difference between activists, militants,
gunman, etc., the fact is they are all “terrorists”. A word that journalists have
difficulty using. They prefer their sanitized versions.

proponents of attacks on Israel – Israel long urged they be incarcerated by the OMISSION
Palestinian Authority.

The only Israeli response or rebuttal to the attack in the entire article was “that they
[Israel] long urged they be incarcerated by the Palestinian Authority.” There was no
mention as to why they urged the incarceration of “political figures.” Nor was there
any mention that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that Mansour and Salem were
not simply benign “political leaders.” They are leaders/organizers of terrorist attacks
against Israel. To describe Mansour and Salem terrorist activities as “ardent and public
proponent[s] of attacks on Israel” is sanitizing murderers of innocent civilians.

Although there was no coverage in the Courant, the New York Times on that day reported
(from Reuters):

  • Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian today who the Israeli Army said was planting a
bomb near Nabulus, setting off a gun battle.

AUGUST 3 (continued) CATEGORY
  • Israeli military officials said Palestinians fired two mortar rounds at the Jewish settlement
Kfar Darom. Later, Palestinian security officers said three tanks briefly entered a
Palestinian controlled territory nearby.

said to have foiled an attempt to blow up his vehicle.

Although the above events published in the New York Times are newsworthy and
present a balanced view of Palestinian terrorist attacks and Israel’s appropriate
reaction, they were not published in the Courant.

News article: U.S. Showing Inability to Stop Mid East Violence
Knight Ridder (Hutcheson and Strobel)


The U.S. never agreed to “enforce a cease fire.” It’s up to the parties. “Enforcing” is
not the role of a mediator.

creates a horrible problem in trying to spin down violence,” said Jon Alterman – at the
U.S. Institute of Peace, a government funded research center.

The Israelis and Palestinians are not in the same place. There is no equivalence. The
Palestinians initiate violence, Israel defends itself. Identifying the U.S. Institute of
Peace as a government funded research center is misleading. Institute of Peace does
not reflect government policy. There are numerous government funded entities, such
as PBS and NPR, that function independently of government policy.

AUGUST 4 (continued) CATEGORY

This is misleading. Israel, in conjunction with the U.S. had amiably agreed to
reduce Israel’s economic aid over a period of years. There have been no indications
whatsoever that the President is thinking of additional cuts.

Using the death count comparison without explanation creates a distorted image. (See
May 19 article for an explanation of the death count.) What would be meaningful is the
ratio of intentional and unintentional killings of innocent civilians which would reveal
the terrorist character of Palestinian strikes.

the killing continues. OMISSION

Again, there is no distinction between the perpetrators and victims of violence. The
journalist’s opinion, that peace negotiation “isn’t likely if the killing continues,”
perhaps should be more accurately re-phrased: “isn’t likely if the deliberate killing
of innocent civilians, initiated by the Palestinians continues.”

violations of the cease-fire. OMISSION

The violation of a cease-fire commences with a Palestinian terrorist attack. Again the
distorted equivalence that makes no distinction between the initiator of terrorism and
the defender. There is no mention that Israel’s defense in protecting the lives of its
citizens is to pursue terrorists that have fled to and live in Palestinian controlled areas.
To defend itself Israel must arrest or kill the perpetrators and the organizers of terrorism.
Regretfully, the terrorists dig their “trenches” in the heart of Palestinian residential areas,
endangering the lives of their neighbors, for which they must bear responsibility.
News article: Israel Forces Attack Palestinian Target
Associated Press

on Jewish settlements and Israeli army outposts.

There is no mention that the Palestinian attack on settlements is a terrorist attack on

targets of Israeli military” NO REBUTTAL

Zaquoh accuses Israel of targeting “all” Palestinians. No Israeli rebuttal reported in
response to this egregious falsehood that all Palestinians are targets. Reality is that
Israel only targets terrorists and terrorist masterminds.

No rebuttal from the Israeli government reported.

On August 5, a New York Times news article reported:
Israeli officials later denied that – Marwan Barghouti was their target, implying that OMISSION
they were striking at another man who was wounded – and who was on their list of
Palestinians wanted for their role in anti-Israeli violence (terrorism).

  • Army missiles killed eight Palestinians in the West Bank town of Nablus (this week).
The Israelis said their target was a leader of the Hamas group, whom they described as a
mastermind of anti-Israel terrorist operations. There could be more such attacks, Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon warned, if they are deemed necessary to save Israelis.

  • His government (Sharon) has said that since the purpose of these raids is to thwart
terrorism, it is wrong to call them assassinations.

AUGUST 5 continued) CATEGORY
The Courant did not report the Israeli government rebuttal/response as reported in
the New York Times news article. In the absence of a balanced response, the reader is
presented with an incomplete biased account.

An Israeli response was not reported, nor was there mention that the Palestinians, led
by Arafat, initiates violence and terrorism, that in turn precipitates Israel’s response.
There is no mention that Israel’s stated position in opposition to an intervention force,
is that their presence would inhibit Israel’s military response for fear of injuring them.
Besides, from past experience, certain international groups such as the U.N., have been
prejudicial against Israel.

News article: Palestinians Targeting Informers
Knight Ridder (Nomi Morris)

organizations have condemned. UNVERIFIED

Palestinians call the policy assassinations, but there is no Israeli rebuttal/response.
Israel calls it self defense against terrorists to save lives.
Who are the human rights organizations? If it is the Palestinian Human Rights
Monitoring group, it’s certainly not objective. “Condemn” is not a Bush quote. We, therefore, assume it to be the journalist’s
opinion of Bush’s actual comment. The use of such strong imaging opinion is entirely
inappropriate in reporting a news event.

innocent bystanders. Two children were killed in a missile strike against an Hamas OMISSION

AUGUST 6 (continued) CATEGORY
Israel’s campaign is directed against Palestinian terrorists, not “militants.”
There is no mention that Israel’s killing of children and innocent bystanders is
unintentional, whereas the Palestinian terrorists that Israel pursues intentionally
target innocent people, including children in pizza parlors, dance halls, and where-
ever they may be when a bomb goes off.

Palestinian psychologists and human rights workers say. Israel uses its power to issue
or revoke work, travel permits, medical aid, threats and extortion.

The psychologists and human rights groups are not identified, nor are their alleged
statements verified. It would also be naíve to believe unidentified Palestinian groups
would be objective.

News article: Region Rocked by More Violence

Israeli aggression – Israeli’s are opposed to outside intervention. OMISSION

Palestinians are looking for international observers to “protect them from Israeli
aggression.” Yet, there would be no Israeli response attacks if Palestinians ceased the
violence and terrorism they initiated, arrest and convict terrorists in a meaningful
fashion and thus enable a cease fire to hold. Although a Palestinian explanation
is given for an “international force of observers,” there is no mention of the Israeli
position and concern that an international force would inhibit their ability to respond
to terrorist attacks or that such a force would be unable or unwilling to respond.

News article: UN Racism Panel is Deadlocked – on Israel
New York Times

Although there was no news coverage in the Courant on August 9, the New York
Times reported:

references are not removed. . .Arab countries insist that the conference accuse Israel of
racism. . .

The anti-Israel references by Arab nations and the Bush administration’s response
were certainly newsworthy, yet it was not reported in the Courant.

News article: At Lunchtime: Terror in Jerusalem
Combined Wire Services

destruction of the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem by a suicide bomber that killed 15 DISTORTION
people and wounded 90. The continuation of the story on the inside page shows a
large photo of equal size to the front page photo, of an Israeli boy kicking a
Palestinian woman as a girl taunts her in the town of Hebron.

The photos of equal size gives equal emphasis to the bloody Sbarro scene, where
15 people died including 6 infants, and to the innocuous taunting of a Palestinian in
Hebron. It creates an image of equivalence that is immoral. Besides, the story photo
in Hebron is unrelated to the terror in Jerusalem or to the text of the news article.
Rather than display this senseless and insensitive photo in the midst of carnage, the
Courant could have selected a photo similar to what Ms. Amar, a survivor of the
devastating massacre, graphically described:
“We saw lots of blood. I saw a woman slumped on the ground, she was totally shredded.”

AUGUST 10 (continued) CATEGORY
The caption of the front page photo and within the text of the article, Islamic Jihad and
Hamas, who claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing, are identified benignly as
“militants” rather than the brutal murdering terrorists that they are.

strike could send violence spiraling out of control – pressuring Yasser Arafat to declare a OPINION
cease fire.

The journalist’s opinion – that Israel’s response to Palestinian terror attacks “could
send violence spiralling out of control,” offers a solution, pressure Arafat “to declare a
cease fire.” There is no mention that previously warmed over “declared” cease fires by
Arafat have been violated almost as soon as the declarations were made following drive
by shootings and suicide bombings. In the absence of failed declarations from the writer’s
perspective, it would appear that the solution for preventing “violence from spiralling out
of control” is for Israel not to “hit back hard” – an unacceptable solution in a “War on

attacks. OPINION
The journalist has offered his opinion, that leaders who orchestrate terrorist attacks
are “assassinated.” However, the fact is, that to kill organizers of terror – the murderers
of innocent civilians – is to defend your people from becoming victims of future
murderous terror attacks. “Assassination” is a word associated with political figures –
not terrorists. During the ongoing American “War on Terrorism” would one
characterize intensive bombing in Afghanistan as planning to “assassinate” Osama bin
Laden and his Al Qaeda network? Hardly. But for Israel, a double standard prevails.

  • More than 550 people (killed) on the Palestinian side and more than 140 (killed) on the
Israeli side since hostilities broke out in December.

AUGUST 10 (continued) CATEGORY
Again, the number count distortion. Somehow, if more Palestinians than Israelis are
killed, Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians the victim. (See May 19 article for
explanation of the death count.) This inappropriate concluding paragraph appears to
be an attempt by the journalist to reduce sympathy and understanding of Israel’s plight
in the aftermath of a brutal massacre at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem.

Editorial: Not a City of Peace

injuring 90 – last week 6 Arabs died in an explosion – the cycle is familiar – violence DISTORTION
begets violence. It doesn’t solve anything.

Again, there is the equivalence theme that ignores the distinction between the Palestinian
initiators of death that deliberately target the innocent, and Israel, who is attempting to
defend and protect the lives of its citizens. Yes, “violence begets violence” – but there is no
mention that it is the Palestinians that initiate violent terrorism that triggers a defensive
response from Israel to protect its people.

• In the aftermath of the massacre in Jerusalem and in the fashion of equivalence, the
editorialist writes:
Outraged Israelis called for “Death to the Palestinians”
and after Palestinians died in an
explosion near Nablus the week before, “Palestinians shouted, “Death to the Israelis.”

There is no mention that most likely, the “outraged Israelis,” who are emotionally
responding to an attack that intentionally targetted innocent people, are referring to
terrorists in their outrage. Israel’s response targets those responsible for the deliberate
murder of Israeli civilians. However, the Palestinians emotionally are less likely to make
any distinction amongst Israelis. An attempt to equate the intentional killing of innocent
people with selective killing of those responsible for terrorism, where innocent Palestinians
may unintentionally be killed, is an immoral equivalence.
AUGUST 10 (continued) CATEGORY
• The Editorial concludes:
Mr. Sharon wants a halt in all violence before peace negotiations begin. That policy, as
Foreign Minister Shimon Peres says, gives a veto to extremists.

There is no mention that since the birth of the Oslo Peace Process in 1993, there have
been unrelenting terrorist attacks that have brutally killed hundreds of innocent Israeli
civilians. The conventional wisdom then was that interruption of negotiations would send
the wrong message to terrorists – that terrorism works. After each major terrorist attack,
Arafat proclaimed that violence and terrorism will be controlled, if only Israel would make
further concessions. Israel complied. In exchange for tangible land concessions, Arafat
would again repeat warmed over promises that were never fulfilled, sign new agreements,
slightly tone down violence/terrorism for a very brief period, and then re-start the process
all over again. The culmination of negotiating peace amidst violence was the ultimate in
concessions offered by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David. The offer was
bluntly rejected by Arafat, who then proceeded to unleash a violent and lethal attack of
terrorism on Israel in September 2000 that has been raging ever since.

News article: At Least 14 Dead As Suicide Bomber Strikes Jerusalem
New York Times

  • Mr. Sharon has repeatedly defended this tactic (that Palestinians call assassination) as an
act of self defense, intended to stop those who dispatch suicide bombers like the one Thursday.

  • Shimon Peres said on Thursday that the Jerusalem bomber had been guided by a man who
appears on a list that Israel made public on Sunday. The Israelis said they had asked in vain
that Mr. Arafat’s Palestinian Authority arrest these men.

This critical information was not reported in the August 10 Courant news OMISSION

News article: Israel Strikes Back
Associated Press (Karen Lamb)

would trigger more bloodshed. OMISSION

No Israeli rebuttal/comment. However, on August 11, the New York Times reported:
Israeli officials said the Palestinians were the ones who broke agreements, having used
their Jerusalem offices not only for social and educational programs but also in Mr. Gissin’s
(spokesman for Ariel Sharon) words, as “safe houses for incitement.”

• Palestinian claims to traditionally Arab East Jerusalem as a future capital.

There is no mention that Palestinians did not “traditionally” claim East Jerusalem as its
future capital during 19 years of illegal Jordanian annexation.

• The Palestinians want to establish their future capital in East Jerusalem, which was
captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast War and annexed.

In the journalist’s attempt to capsulate history, one can assume that Israel captured
East Jerusalem from the Palestinians. This assumption is reinforced by an earlier
statement that reads: “Palestinian claims to traditionally Arab East Jerusalem.” There
is no mention that Israel, in a defensive war, captured East Jerusalem from Jordan in
1967. Nor is there mention that historically and emotionally Eastern Jerusalem’s
Western Wall and site of their ancient holy temple has been sacred to Jews for thousands
of years. Under Jordanian illegal rule, from 1948 to 1967, the Jewish population was expelled
from East Jerusalem, Jewish cemeteries and places of worship were shamefully desecrated,
and Jews who wished to pray at the Western Wall were denied entry to their holy site.

News article: Arafat Caught in Political Vise
Los Angeles Times (Mary Curtius)

The entire news article is an opinion piece. It should have been placed on the OP-ED OPINION
page or identified in the news section as “analysis.”

a Palestinian public that wants him to fight until statehood is achieved. OMISSION
There is no explanation as to what “assaults the underpinning of his (Arafat’s) power”
means. The strong tone of “relentlessly assaults” is the journalist’s opinion that creates
an image of an aggressive predator, rather than a victim who strongly strikes back.

There is no rebuttal or mention that Arafat rejected former Prime Minister Barak’s
offer at Camp David that would have achieved statehood for the Palestinians on
virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza. Instead, Arafat unleashed a lethal violent
uprising that has been raging since September 2000.


Arafat had previously invited Hamas and Islamic Jihad to join him.

hundreds killed during 10 months of fighting with Israel

This incorrectly assumes that Arafat does not wish to “avenge the deaths.” On the
contrary, Arafat extols terrorists as martyrs. His very own Fatah (Tanzim) is
responsible for numerous terrorist attacks. Nor is there mention that Arafat’s release
of terrorists and his refusal to arrest and convict major organizers of terrorism allows
for the continued process of “avenge.”
AUGUST 12 (continued) CATEGORY
Sharon abandoned the efforts of his predecessor, Ehud Barak to treat Arafat as a serious OMISSION

There is no mention that it was Arafat that broke off negotiations at Camp David and
initiated a violent and lethal uprising and that the voices of Israelis were heard when
they overwhelmingly elected Sharon over Barak in a landslide victory. Barak had since
concluded that Arafat was not “a serious partner.”

the article. However, what should have been explained in the text of the news article and
added to the headline... “that he created himself.” Arafat created this “vise” for himself
as a result of 30 years of brainwashing, inciting of his people, and by relentlessly
demonizing Israel.

News article: Palestinian Controlled Town Invaded IMAGING
Los Angeles Times HEADLINE

The headline word “Invaded” is misleading. It conjures up images of attacking a
sovereign entity. This was an incursion, not an invasion, into Jenin, a legitimate target,
where a terrorist nest of bomb factories produce bombs that have been blowing
Israelis apart. Jenin is currently under Palestinian control in accordance with the
Oslo interim agreement until such times as the final status of all the territories is
agreed upon.

He (Sharon) has come under increasing pressure from within his right-wing government. INACCURATE

Identifying Sharon’s government as right wing is incorrect. The current administration
under Sharon is a unity government that is politically composed of conservatives (right)
and liberals (left).

News article: Israeli Tanks Raid a West Bank City; Pull Out Quickly
New York Times

• It is interesting to note the difference in headlines between the New York Times and the

Times: “Raid” – an appropriate description
Courant: “Invade” – inappropriate
Times: “Pull out quickly”
The text of the article: “The Israelis withdrew from the city about three hours

This important information of “pulling out quickly” was not reported in OMISSION
the Courant.

News article: Attacks Breed Defiance
West Bank Town Nurtures Ultimate Human Weapon
Washington Post (Daniel Williams)

Palestinian state. DISTORTION

The opinion of the journalist, that Islamic Jihad is “in pursuit of a Palestinian state” is
a misleading assumption and half-truth. The terrorist organization is not interested in
a Palestinian state co-existing with the state of Israel, but a Palestinian state that includes
all of Israel. It is in “pursuit of” the destruction of the State of Israel.

the West Bank and Gaza, regard suicide bombs as a weapon of last resort. OMISSION

AUGUST 15 (continued) CATEGORY
This is an opinion, not news. It ignores the fact that suicide bombers are messengers of
hate, incited and taught from early childhood that clouds reason, compromise and
negotiations. At Camp David, former Prime Minister Barak offered a Palestinian state
on virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza that was rejected by Arafat. It is Arafat, not
“Israeli military power,” that is responsible for the “continued hold on most of the West
Bank and Gaza.” But one also wonders whether the Palestinian problem is the “continued
hold on the West Bank and Gaza” or is it Israel’s “hold” on Israel?

the pace of Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank and Gaza. OPINION

Again, the writer offers his opinion, but does not mention the probable reason for the
slow pace – continued, unabated Palestinian terror.

There is no mention that their deaths are a result of Israel’s response to terrorist attacks
and of combating Palestinians who attempt to prevent Israel from protecting and
defending its people. Nor is there any mention of Israelis killed, the vast majority innocent
civilian victims of terrorism.

News article: Troops Mass Near Palestinian Town
Combined Wire Services

“Palestinian Controlled Town.” INACCURATE

• Israeli troops and tanks moved into positions – signaling the possibility that Israel would
enter a second Palestinian controlled town – troops massed near the village after a
gunfight between Israeli and Palestinian fighters.
AUGUST 15 (continued) CATEGORY
There is no Israeli rebuttal or mention that Israeli tanks and troops moved outside
the village of Beit Jala to root out snipers that were terrorizing and killing Israeli
residents living near the village. Nor is there mention that Beit Jala is a Christian town
being used by Palestinian snipers. Terrorist behavior and tactics – using innocent
Christian civilians as shields in the hope that Israel’s response in rooting out the sniper
nest would cause damage and injury that would arouse Christian anger against Israel.
There is no mention that Israel’s defensive action in protecting its citizens precipitated
the gunfight between Israeli and Palestinian combatants.

• Palestinians appealed to the United Nations for International monitors while radical OMISSION
Palestinian groups threatened more suicide bombings.
The journalist seems to have a problem with the word terrorist. It should read: UNBALANCED
....“radical Palestinian terrorist groups”

The tactic that Arafat is trying to put into effect is to have the United Nations intervene
and form a shield between themselves and Israelis, but no insight on this is given to the
news reader. There is no Israeli rebuttal or response to explain why Israel would not
accept international monitors – particularly from the United Nations. International
monitors would not only inhibit Israel’s response to terrorism, but over the years the
U.N. has been shown to be intensely biased against Israel. That is precisely the reason
Arafat is pushing for international monitors.

The article is heavily unbalanced. It presents Palestinian views with virtually no rebuttal
or response representing Israel’s position.

Political Cartoon

The cartoon shows Arafat as a puppet whose strings are being pulled by terrorists. INACCURATE

Arafat is not controlled by terrorists. He is in direct or indirect control of the terrorist
activities of his own Fatah and extols the martyrdom of the terrorists from various
factions who have sacrificed their lives in suicide attacks. Arafat has had the power to
arrest terrorists but chooses not to, unless forced by international pressure. Arrests will
then be made for a limited period of time and shortly followed by revolving door releases.

News article: Palestinian Girl to Have Surgery in Hartford
Courant Staff Writer and Associated Press

surgery – to remove a bullet from her head. Peace activists Christopher Allen Doucot of
Hartford and Scott Schaeffer Duffy of Worcester arranged passports. . .
Allen-Doucet and Schaeffer-Duffy met Marina during – tour of Israel to assess the fighting
between Israelis and Palestinians and to – demonstrate with other peace activists.

Although bringing the 10-year-old Palestinian girl to Hartford for surgery is a humane
act of kindness, there is no information as to whether or not the group of “peace
activists” have a political agenda.


News article: Tanks Still Poised Outside Town
World Briefs

which Israel conquered in a 1967 war and later ceded to the Palestinians. . . OMISSION

No rebuttal or response from Israel on the allegation that Israel “is intent on
reoccupying all of the West Bank.” The “West Bank, which Israel conquered” – the
word “conquered” falsely implies imperialistic motivation. There is no mention that
in 1967 Israel pleaded with Jordan not to enter the war initiated by Egypt and Syria.
Jordan refused and proceeded to launch an attack on Israel. Israel defensively
responded by driving Jordan out of the West Bank that they had illegally seized and
annexed in the 1948 Arab War against the state of Israel. The West Bank has
remained under Israeli control since 1967. The statement that “Israel ceded the West
Bank” is absolutely false. Portions of the West Bank have been temporarily placed under
Palestinian control in accordance with Oslo’s interim agreement until such time as the
final status of the territories is determined by a signed agreement between Israel and the

News article: West Bank - 1 Dead, 6 Hurt in Crash Caused by Hurled Rocks

Identifying Nablus, a city in the West Bank as a Palestinian City is inaccurate. In
accordance with the Oslo interim agreement, cities and towns in the territories are at
various levels of joint or Palestinian control, with final sovereign status to be determined.

cab crashed on a West Bank road after Israelis threw a rock at him.

There is no mention that this is an unusual occurrence since Israelis rarely throw rocks
at Palestinians. This action that led to death and injuries should be condemned and the
rock thrower brought to justice. But the article does not mention that Palestinian stone
throwing at Israelis is frequent, often organized, and generally accepted by the international
community as benign and a legitimate method of protest with no condemnation.

OP-ED: Israel’s Military Might Won’t Stop Terrorism
John Moore - Ex State Department Analyst

The OP-ED writer has broad latitude in developing thoughts and opinion, but has a
responsibility to be factual, and reject half-truths and omissions that distort the truth.

assassination and military intimidation to prevent terrorism and protect lives.

There is no mention that combating and defeating terrorism is an incremental process.
The focus should steadfastly remain on the leaders and organizers of terrorism and
the removal of their infrastructure. “Assassination” does not apply to a nation responding
to murderous terrorism.

U.S. strikes against Libya and the Osama bin Laden network – illustrate that such
measures can actually stimulate new violence.

There is no mention that the military strike in Libya caused terrorism from that source
to abate. However, early strikes against Osama bin Laden prior to the September 11
World Trade Center attack were brief and ineffectual. But would this apply to America’s
current “war on terrorism?” The Bush administration’s approach to eradicate
global terrorism is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Yes, we
have learned from our previous failures. Our actions were brief and ineffectual. We
were ill prepared and ignored the signs and warnings of a growing network of terrorists.
This same standard should apply to Israeli’s current “war on terrorism.”

is ensured.

(continued) CATEGORY
This could not factually be correct. Palestinian retaliation is generated almost entirely
by Israel’s policy of arresting or killing the major leaders and organizers of terrorism.
Settlers are civilians that live in homes with their families. Settlers that randomly fire on
individual “Palestinian homes and vehicles” is extremely rare and often an emotional
response to unrelenting terrorist attacks on their families. However, deliberate killing
of innocent Palestinians could never be justified. Nor could it ever generate the level of
Palestinian retaliation suggested by the writer.

the United States are reinforcing the Palestinian Authority’s repressive instincts. DISTORTION

Israel and the United States are not asking for “mass arrests and detention” but only
for arrests of those responsible for terrorism – the mass murder of innocent civilians.
Israel has submitted specific names of terrorists to the Palestinian Authority, only to
be ignored.

News article: A Miracle from God
Courant Staff Writer (Matthew Hay Brown)

The above caption to a large photo identifies the military encampment as belonging
to Israel. Assuming it was an Israeli military encampment, there was no mention or
explanation as to why Israel fired into a residential area. This omission could leave
the reader with a false impression that Israel randomly and aggressively fires into
residential areas. The most likely reason is that Marwa was caught in a crossfire
between Israel and the Palestinians, who were using residential areas as shields –
as is often done by Palestinian terrorists.

Editorial: Attend The Racism Conference

Although one may disagree with the conclusion, the editorial was properly presented, with
one noted flaw:

for its treatment of Palestinians.

Two major statements – “Zionism is objectionable. . .” and “Israel deserves
condemnation. . .” are made without explanation. The issue, whether or not “Israel
deserves condemnation for its treatment of Palestinians,” without any evidence that the
alleged treatment was wrongful or racist motivated is not credible.

News article: Wall in Jeopardy at Holy Site
Associated Press (Yoav Appel)

infuriated Palestinians, and violence that followed is still going on for 11 months. OMISSION

Sharon’s visit to the site did not precipitate the violence. There is no mention that
the Palestinian leadership was advised in advance of the visit and did not object. Nor
was there mention that the Mitchell Commission report absolved Sharon’s visit to the
site as the cause of the lethal violence that has raged since September 2000. The
journalist also failed to mention that the violence was planned and launched by
Arafat immediately after rejecting former Prime Minister Barak’s offer at
Camp David, that would have recognized a Palestinian state on virtually all of the
West Bank, Gaza, and on portions of East Jerusalem as its capital.

AUGUST 21 (continued) CATEGORY
Mount, because modern day Jews are ritually impure. INACCURATE

There is no substantiation to this allegation, that “most Rabbis ban Jews from setting
foot on the site itself.” Claiming that “most Rabbis...” is an egregious falsehood. The vast
majority of religious leaders in Israel do not share the views of a small ultra-orthodox group.

Political Cartoon: “We’re Being Followed”

Both Sharon and Arafat are shown in the same golf cart labelled “Mideast War” DISTORTION
following Bush in his golf cart.

Again, the equivalence theme. Arafat initiated the latest “Mideast War,” with terrorism
being the fundamental weapon used by the Palestinians. Sharon has an overwhelming
mandate from the Israeli electorate to defend his people against terrorist attacks. Arafat
initiates violence and supports terrorism. Sharon responds by defending his people against
these murderous attacks.


News article: Arafat, Peres to Hold Talks
Los Angeles Times (Tracy Wilkinson)

“hawkish” is a label, or an opinion, characterizing Sharon. The writer ignores the
fact that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s performance has been praised and supported
by many of the liberal elements (Labor) in his unity government and criticized by
some of the conservative elements (Likud) of being too restrained. In contrast, Arafat,
who has praised suicide bombers as martyrs, and has direct control of his own
Fatah (Tanzim) group who have claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attacks,
carries no media label baggage.
News article: Peace Talks Imperiled After 6 Killed
Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinians
Knight Ridder (Sudarsan Raghaven)

The headline and sub-headline imply that Israel is responsible for the killings and HEADLINE
imperiled peace talks. However, the text of the news article presents differing opinions
from Israeli and Palestinian officials as to who is responsible for the killings.

News article: Israel Moves Deeper into Troubled Hebron
World Briefs

troops following the funeral of a Palestinian killed a day earlier. OMISSION

The above statement implies that Israel is responsible for the shooting of an 11-year
old Palestinian. We know that Israeli troops were involved. But we do not know
which Palestinians were involved and why they clashed. Perhaps the Palestinians
were incited during the funeral and had gone on a rampage the following day, using guns,
grenades, and Molotov cocktails. Perhaps the 11-year old was an active participant
firing a weapon. Or perhaps he was caught in a cross-fire. Absent an explanation, the
reader who quickly glances at the “Brief” would probably connect “Israel moves deeper
into Hebron” – “11-year old shot dead” and “Israel Troops,” with an image of a powerful
and aggressive Israel shooting an innocent 11-year old Palestinian boy.

News article: Women on Front Lines Cause a Rift in Israel
Los Angeles Times (Mary Curtius)

This opinion piece would be well suited in the “Commentary” section of the Hartford
Courant. It does not belong in the news section without being designated as “commentary.”

AUGUST 25 (continued) CATEGORY
in combat units might make it impossible for observant Jews to serve in the army – UNVERIFIED
a society (Israel) in which women routinely face discrimination and harassment in HALF-TRUTH
the workplace.

Referring to a “so-called” national religious movement is inappropriate news reporting.
The brief news event of this large commentary is about Cpl. Hani Abramov who was
shot in the face by a Palestinian as she patrolled Israel’s border with the West Bank, and
is itching to get back to her front-line unit.
Israel only recently began opening up combat units for women. Concern and
opposition to women in combat comes from both secular and religious communities.
Characterizing Israel as a society “in which women routinely face discrimination...”
is without any substantiation. The writer fails to mention that women have played
a major role in Israel’s society, such as former Prime Minister Golda Meir, cabinet
ministers, members of the knesset, and virtually all other professions.

News article: Palestinians Rally in Defiance of Israel Raids
Knight Ridder (Sudarsan Raghaven)

Again, the numbers game that creates a distorted image. See May 19 article for
additional comments on the death count.

two senior Hamas political leaders – it will give Palestinians more strength to regain HALF-TRUTH
their land. Israel’s strategy of targetted assassinations – appears to have little impact
on Palestinian controlled cities.

AUGUST 25 (continued) CATEGORY
Hamas terrorists are again sanitized as “gunmen” and “activists.” When they
intentionally murder innocent people – they’re nothing but terrorists.

Referring to “two senior Hamas political leaders” is a half-truth. They may have been
“political” leaders, but they were also terrorist leaders that organized and planned
terrorist attacks. In essence they are not very different from Osama bin Laden who
organized and planned terrorism, but on a large scale.

For Hamas, “regain their land” is not simply the West Bank and Gaza but all of Israel,
including Haifa, Tel-Aviv, etc. In the absence of this clarification, the news comment
distorts the truth.

The journalist’s opinion, that assassinations “appear” to have little impact on Palestinian
controlled cities is without substantiation and ignores the incremental nature of
effectiveness in arresting or killing terrorists, their organizers, and destroying their
infrastructure. For Israel to selectively kill a terrorist who intentionally murders innocent
civilians is not an “assassination” but an act of defense. The killing of a head of state or
political leader who is not a terrorist would more appropriately be termed an

News article: Jews in Hebron Wish Army Would Stay
New York Times

The following appeared in the New York Times on August 25:

  • Hilltop neighborhood (Hebron) that has been used for months by Palestinian gunmen
to fire on Jews – on Thursday their bullets wounded two brothers – ages 11 and 12 –
that shooting set the tanks in motion, the first time – that Israel plunged so far into
Hebron. The Israeli forces knocked down two houses described as snipers’ nests.

AUGUST 25 (continued) CATEGORY
On August 24, the Courant reported under “Word Briefs”:

Palestinian neighborhoods (Hebron) – one of Israel’s deepest incursions

This news event of Israeli incursion into Hebron was reported in the Courant on
August 24th and covered by the New York Times on August 25. However, there is no
mention in the Courant that the hill top was used by Palestinians to fire on Jews and
that two Israeli boys were wounded. Nor was there mention that Israeli forces knocked
down two houses described as snipers’ nests.


News article: 3 Israeli Soldiers Die in Daring Attack
Hartford Courant (Chicago Tribune)
News article: Palestinian Raids Kill 5 Israelis, Including 3 Soldiers at Gaza Base
New York Times

Although the Courant (Chicago Tribune) news article is neutral and balanced, a photo IMAGING
displayed by the Courant shows Palestinians carrying the body of Amin Hatab who was
killed after killing three Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

The New York Times, reporting on the same event, displays a photo of an Israeli soldier
with his face torn apart, who was wounded in an assault by Palestinians armed with hand
grenades and automatic rifles.

In addition to the 3 soldiers that died that was reported in the Courant, the New York OMISSION
Times reported:

  • Two other dead Israelis were a husband wife, killed when Palestinians opened fire on them
as they drove from a settlement just inside the West Bank. In addition, a man with them
was critically wounded and two children less seriously wounded. Israeli fighter planes were
AUGUST 26 (continued) CATEGORY
also heard over Ramallah, the closest major West Bank city to the site where the family
was ambushed. A group called the Aksa Martyrs Brigade, allied with Yasser Arafat’s
Fatah movement, said it was responsible for the shooting.

This important newsworthy story of a terrorist attack – the murder of innocent civilians
by the Aksa Martyrs Brigade “allied with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement,” revealing
Arafat’s direct or indirect involvement with terrorism, was not reported in the Courant.

News article: We Are in Survival Mode
Washington Post (Daniel Williams)

This is a commentary and should be identified as such or placed in the “Commentary” UNBALANCED
section of the Courant. It’s a story of the difficult life in Gaza for the Palestinians – their OPINION
feelings and emotions reported though the eyes and pen of the journalist – casts a long
shadow of blame on Israel. The article is entirely unbalanced.

More than half of Gaza families – displaced by Israeli demolition - have seen their OMISSION
income decline by 50 percent

There is no Israeli response or explanation as to why economic activity has been
disrupted, why Palestinian violence, or why Israel demolishes homes.

secondhand – “thrown away by the enemy who robs me of everything.”

No rebuttal or response to the “enemy who robs me of everything.”

AUGUST 27 (continued) CATEGORY
ago during the birth of Israel and the flight of Palestinians from their homes.

There is no mention that the 1947 U.N. partition plan was rejected by the Arabs who
then launched a war to destroy Israel in 1948. Nor is there mention that Israel
asked Arabs to remain in Israel during the 1948 War. Many did and are citizens of the
state. But others were encouraged to leave by the invading Arab armies with the
promise that when Israel will be “driven into the sea,” they could safely return to their

There is no mention that intense Palestinian terror attacks – the deliberate murder of
innocent civilians – compels Israel to seal the area.

construction. DISTORTION

There is no mention that it was Arafat who broke off peace talks at Camp David,
rejecting a Palestinian state on virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza. He then
proceeded to launch a campaign of lethal violence and terror against Israel that has
been raging ever since. Responsibility for the current state of despair in Gaza rests
clearly with Arafat.

Israel, and checkpoints and blockades — DISTORTION

See previous comment.

end of Gaza as a labor pool for the Jewish state.
AUGUST 27 (continued) CATEGORY
In the entire lengthy commentary masquerading as a news event, the very first and
brief explanation as to why Israel has periodically closed off Gaza, is the “fear of
terrorist attacks.” However, the journalist discovers a negative spin on the one brief
explanation that it will “mark the end of Gaza as a labor pool for the Jewish state.”
Israel, in fact, has a large pool of workers from other countries. The Gaza labor pool
benefits Gaza laborers. Unfortunately, that pool has been curtailed by their violence.

There is no explanation or response to this remark nor mention that in their schools,
mosques and media, the Palestinians from early childhood on are incited to hate not
only Israelis, but Jews.

Without explanation as to why Palestinians are kept at bay, it appears that Israel is
the aggressor. Israel does not indiscriminately use snipers, as Palestinian terrorists
do in targeting innocent civilians. The Israeli military uses snipers to pick-out
Palestinians within residential areas who are firing at them or at innocent Israeli

chicken feet before.”

For many, chicken feet is a delicacy. It is sold and consumed in Israel.

Perhaps the Palestinians “never used to eat chicken feet before” – nor did innocent
Israelis ever have to endure unrelenting terrorism as they do now.

AUGUST 27 (continued) CATEGORY
New York Times reported:

“A Perilous Road In Israel Becomes A Death Trap Again.”

  • Route 443 makes it an easy drive from Jerusalem – the question is whether they will make
it at all. It (Route 443) has become a fine target for Palestinian gunmen (terrorists), who
can lie in ambush, wait for an Israeli car, fire away and dissolve into nearby villages.
Late Saturday night – Palestinians shot at a car carrying five members of the same
family. Husband and wife died right away. A brother shot in the head died today.
Their two little girls
6 months and 18 months were lightly wounded.

This brutal murder of innocent Israelis was not reported in the Courant.

News article: Mideast Anger, Violence Build
Los Angeles Times (Tracy Wilkinson)

the slaying of senior Palestinian leader. OMISSION
The Courant editor who creates headlines and sub-headlines should have completed
the sub-headline with the precise wording in the text of the news article that reads
“Palestinian leader accused of terrorism.”

This omission creates a major distortion, that Israelis simply kill a “senior Palestinian

AUGUST 28 (continued) CATEGORY

“Assassinated” is the term the Palestinians use in referring to Israeli killings of INACCURATE
terrorists. The Israelis call it defending their people from terrorism – the intentional IMAGING
murder of innocent civilians. The journalist’s imaging, on the side of the Palestinians is
incorrect. One “assassinates” political leaders who are not terrorists, but one kills
political leaders who are also terrorists.

News article: Israel Seizes West Bank Site
Los Angeles Times (Tracy Wilkinson)

aggressive Israel seizing what is not theirs. The headline would more truthfully IMAGING
reflect the action if rewritten: “Israel Takes Control of West Bank Site”. DISTORTION

among European and American peace activists.”

Who are the “peace activists”? Will they also be protesting against Palestinian
terrorists who are murdering innocent Israeli civilians?

hundreds of Palestinians in their homes and 45 children in an orphanage. DISTORTION
“crunched” – “enforcing” – “trapped” – creates an image of ruthless aggression.
There is no mention that defensive action against terrorists that operate within
residential areas may endanger the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians if there
is a lethal face off. It would be wise for their own safety if residents would stay at
home. “Enforcing military occupation” is a gross distortion. Israel’s action is a
temporary incursion, not an occupation.
AUGUST 28 (continued) CATEGORY

The land is Palestinian controlled land not “Palestinian land.”

Palestinians firing mortar shells at civilians are terrorists, not “gunmen.”

Israel forces took over five buildings that the army said had been used for months by

In contrast, the Courant headline describes the taking over of five building as “seized.”

News article: Palestinian Girl’s Surgery Successful
Courant Staff Writers (Matthew Hay Brown)

settlement. NO REBUTTAL
It is assumed from the statement that an Israeli fired the shot. However, there is no
mention as to why there was shooting from an Israeli military encampment. Nor is
there mention that Jewish settlers are civilians and have been targets for Palestinian
terrorists for some time. They falsely allege that settlements are not legal in Palestinian
territory. Therefore, they claim that murdering Israeli civilians that live in settlements is
legitimate. Israel places military encampments near settlements to protect the residents
of the community from deadly Palestinian attacks. It appears that an attempted terrorist
attack took place and Israeli soldiers responded. Is it possible that the military encamp-
ment was located between the settlement and the Palestinian residential area and that the
Palestinian terrorist was entering the settlement? Perhaps, in the crossfire a Palestinian
AUGUST 29 (continued) CATEGORY
bullet ricocheted off the metal window grate and lodged into Marwa’s skull. Perhaps
an Israel rebuttal, if requested, would have clarified who fired the shot. In either case,
the bullet that struck Marwa was unintentional. However, since Palestinian terrorists
probably provoked an Israeli response, the responsibility for Marwa’s injury lies with
the terrorists.

News article: Israeli Troops Leave Beit Jalla
Combined Wire Services

This news article is neutral and objective. It is interesting to note that Israel’s incursion
lasted less than two days. In hindsight, the Courant’s August 29 news article “Israel
Seizes West Bank Site” was indeed a distortion. For photo analysis see comment below.

News article: No Peace For Israelis
New York Times

young boy taking cover behind a row of concrete barriers, protecting themselves from
Palestinian snipers (terrorists). In contrast, the photo selected by the Courant staff in
their August 30 news article, “Israeli Troops Leave Beit Jalla,” displays armed
Palestinians celebrating with guns raised in the air after Israel announced they would
withdraw their troops from Beit Jalla.

who entered the town months ago – mainly Muslims and began to shoot at the Jews in Gilo.
In off-the-record conversations, some Beit Jalla Christians acknowledge feeling intimidated
by the outsiders.
Life in Gilo is conducted these days behind rows of concrete barriers that are in direct
line of fire from Beit Jalla.

AUGUST 30 (continued) CATEGORY
This important information of the relationship between Christians and Muslims in Beit
Jalla and the more detailed description of life in Gilo was not reported in the Courant.


News article: Palestinian Girl Leaves Hospital
Courant Staff Writer (Matthew Hay Brown)

Jewish settlement.
Allen-Doucet plans to have the bullet examined at a forensic laboratory to determine its
origin. He said, “We believe the bullet was fired by the Israelis – if that turns out to be the
case, it most likely was sold to them by Americans – if American bullets are ending up in
the heads of little girls, we need to do something about it.”

Allen-Doucet, a “peace activist” was instrumental in arranging surgery in Hartford for INACCURATE
a 10-year-old Palestinian girl wounded in Hebron, a West Bank City. The reason, given
for the extended arrangement of travel from the Middle East to Hartford and the
preparation for medical treatment and surgery, was the expensive cost of care in Israel.
(News article, August 20).

Allen-Doucet’s compassion and commitment to help a 10-year-old child several thousand
miles away is uniquely commendable. However, some concerns began to surface about
underlying motivation. The claim that cost of care in Israel was too expensive is false.
An agreement had been reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority some time
ago that everyone living under their jurisdiction, Christians, Jews and Muslims will be
treated at any Israeli Hospital. The Palestinian Authority agreed to pay a sum of money
to the hospital. Patients will be treated at Israeli hospitals whether payment is made or not.

Concerns arose when it was revealed that Allen-Doucet was in Israel to demonstrate with
other peace activists. Perhaps there were underlying political motives for bringing Marwa
to Hartford.
AUGUST 31 (continued) CATEGORY
Again, concerns surfaced, when reporting the good news of a successful surgery one
day and on another day when news of Marwa’s release from the hospital was reported.
Identical statements from the family were repeated in both reports, that the shots came
from an Israeli military encampment.

Reinforcing our earlier concerns about Allen-Doucet’s motivation appears in the last DISTORTION
paragraph of the August 31 news article. Allen-Doucet believes that the “bullet was
fired by the Israelis – most likely sold by Americans – and if American bullets are
ending up in the heads of little girls, we need to do something about it.” The inescapable
conclusion is that compassion for Marwa is diluted with political overtones and perhaps
the prime motivating force that brought Marwa to Hartford.

Commentary: See Dream and Reality of Israel
Amy Pagnozzi

basement under a military “lockdown,” becoming de fact army hostages. DISTORTION
The news reporting on Beit Jalla did not characterize the boys as “terrified,” nor
was Ms. Pagnozzi an eyewitness. Describing the boys as “de facto army hostages” is
an egregious distortion. There was not a word about the Israeli children of Gilo who
have been hiding behind concrete barriers, trying to protect themselves from
Palestinian terrorist snipers firing from Beit Jalla.

peace a hard one. DISTORTION

Ms. Pagnozzi has it in reverse. Israel has made tangible land concessions – Jericho,
Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, etc., that are now under Palestinian control, in exchange
for Palestinian promises that were ignored, only to be warmed over and again offered to
induce more tangible Israeli land concessions.
AUGUST 31 (continued) CATEGORY
30 years. DISTORTION

There is no mention that much of the Arab world still threatens to destroy Israel and
that the Palestinians have been conducting unrelenting terror for over 50 years. Nor is
there mention that Arafat rejected former Prime Minister Barak’s incredible offer for
a Palestinian state on virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza, then walked out of
peace negotiations at Camp David to launch a campaign of lethal violence and
terrorism that has raged since September 2000.
The central truth – and it isn’t “underlying” – is that Arafat is responsible for the
continuation of the alleged “military occupation.”

developed areas. OMISSION

What does “effective” property rights mean? Palestinians own property and have full
rights as property owners. Ms. Pagnozzi fails to mention that the Palestinian Authority
have declared it illegal for Palestinian Arabs to sell their property to Israelis and has
made that act punishable by death. In fact, many have been executed. Obviously,
Palestinians do own property.

try to build anyway, the structures are bulldozed.

This is false. All schools are under the total control of the Palestinian Authority. Anti-
Israel/Anti-Jewish textbooks are well known. Houses that are built without a building
permit may be bulldozed. In fact, numerous homes build by Jewish settlers without a
permit have been similarly bulldozed.

AUGUST 31 (continued) CATEGORY
health care. OMISSION

There is no explanation as to what “unrecognized” means. There is no mention that
Jordan illegally seized and annexed the West Bank in its attack on Israel in 1948. Since
Israel had taken control of the West Bank and Gaza after the 1967 Six-Day War,
there has been an enormous increase in the standard of living for Palestinians living
in the West Bank. All services, education and health care have been significantly

and economic reprisals – against civilians that are illegal by international law. OMISSION

Civilians subjected to “military attacks, imprisonment, collective military and
economic reprisals” are egregious inaccurate distortions. There is no substantiation to
the false charges. Nor is there mention that Israelis exclusively target terrorists. They
do not intentionally or indiscriminately target innocent civilians – the common practice
of the Palestinian terrorists. There is not a word of explanation as to why Israel closes
its borders to Palestinians that work in Israel – to protect its citizens from being
murdered by terrorists.

The omission of these fundamental reasons for Israel’s action is the suppression of
truth. Israel carefully and selectively targets known terrorists and organizers of
terrorism who intentionally and indiscriminately murder Israeli civilians. These killers
live and operate in residential areas. Israel is aware of this. Although they carefully
target individual terrorists, unfortunately, some innocent Palestinians are killed. The
allegation that Israel’s actions are illegal by international law has no foundation
whatsoever. Defense is a universal and basic right.

AUGUST 31 (continued) CATEGORY

This old canard has been used by anti-Israel extremists for years. The political status
of Palestinian Arabs that reside in the disputed territories will be determined when a
final agreement is negotiated. Israeli Arabs are citizens of Israel and enjoy all the legal
rights and privileges of the state of Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East.

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