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"The Palestinians, when they speak in a closed meeting with you, they understand we're not the enemy. The only one they can trust at the end of the day is Israel." — Avigdor Liberman. December 21, 2010. Newsweek.

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Misdirection is a mystery unless you know the truth

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

Today, Monday, is the start of a new week in the Western world and the beginning of Olmert and his posse to increase the rhetoric of misdirection. He spoke today to the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and announced again: Abbas is ready for peace with Jewish state. Notice he did not say Israel, he in fact used the term Jewish state. This should bring cheers from all sides. Forgive me if I am skeptical and not moved by these words.

At first glance one would think that maybe this time we shall find a way to peace. Let us look behind the words to actual facts and events that continue today. Abbas sent 300 of his finest, according to his people, to Nablus as a sign that Abbas is taking steps to curb terrorism-phase one of the Road Map (RM). However, we discover that the men, when interviewed but 2 days ago said they had not been given orders regarding their daily actions. Furthermore, they were told not to patrol after midnight, it was too dangerous. Yesterday and again today Hamas has indicated that it will take over the disputed terrirtories if Israel was to leave.

Olmert in his own words today indicated that although Palestinian president lacks sufficient power things could change. Yes, I am not making this up. It gets even better. Olmert went on to say Israel must act now, as the current Palestinian government would not be able to exist for long without a definition of a diplomatic horizon. What kind of logic is this? What kind of simple common sense is this? Olmert, Rice, Blair et al want Israel to negotiate with a so-called peace partner who has no power and probably will not be in power much longer. We are to commit to paper the execution of Israel as an independent nation state. Hamas has announced it will storm in to the disputed territory region and will take over. Hamas continues to seek our destruction.

Of course, the answer is that no one believes this will work.The leaders understand all of what I have shared and they know much more than I. This is about politics and politics alone. It is not about what is right, just, moral or fair. Ask yourselves who has the most to gain by agreeing to this illogical reasoning?

Not all of Israelis leaders are afraid to speak. Today, Knesset Member Effie Eitam (National Union-National Religious Party) said in response that "Olmert is in fact conceding the Road Map's main condition — the dismantling of terror organizations. Olmert is going to negotiate with Abbas under terror, and this would be giving a prize to terror." Others need to step up and voice the truth-do not leave it to individuals like myself who can only serve to alarm the public and get them to act.

Olmert is placing his proverbial eggs into one basket. He stated, "The current negotiations have an element which did not exist in the previous talks – not during the Oslo period and not during Bibi (former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) and (former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud) Barak's negotiations with (former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser) Arafat…There is an unequivocal agreement that the entire deal will be subject to an implementation of the Road Map (peace plan)," Again, without careful analysis, you would be swayed to his position. Which Road Map Mr. Olmert? Again, as reported on Docstalk he has not disclosed which version of the RM he is considering. If he really supports such a plan, then he contradicts himself again as Abbas clearly has not even begun to live up to the first phase of the RM. Mr. Olmert also fails to explain to his adoring Western public that Abbas has not been able to or has chosen not to adhere to any previous agreement of promises he has made. Yet Mr. Olmert is to have us believe that Abbas will honor his word-this time! I do not know about you, but when I want to buy a new car I ask for a test drive. I appreciate the salesperson pitch and until I see that it works as stated I will not buy it. In America individuals insist on guarantees for everthing from a digital TV to their newly built homes. We understand there are no guarantees over here, but we do want some proof that our purchase will last longer than a few days.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said as he left the meeting, "Olmert is repeating the mistake made by Barak, who conceded everything for nothing. The prime minister explicitly said that he would concede Israel's main condition in the Road Map, according to which there would be no negotiations on the permanent agreement before the Palestinians dismantle the terror infrastructure.

"He gave up on this. This is not the way to negotiate and this is not the way to make peace."
You will get no argument from me on this point.

There is much more ahead for us-more misdirection to come. I leave you with one final thought. Officially Israel and the Palestinians are not at war so what and why are we negotiating? We did not ask for this conference nor did Abbas and company. This was imposed upon us by the Bush government. History says that unless one or both parties want a peace treaty, no document imposed from outside has ever held. The motivation for this entire conference is open to suspicion. Also, the answer to my question a few lines back is this must be the resolution found in UN 242. There can be no other explanation. Given this must be so, I remind you that Israel is not only entitled to parts of the disputed territories, with whom we negotiate is not the existing PA leadership. Again, never confuse the truth with fact.

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