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"This is the first war in history which has ended with the victors [Israel] suing for peace and the vanquished [Arabs] calling for unconditional surrender." — Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban following the 1967 Six-Day War.

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From the Other Side of the Border

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.
July 21, 2006

Israel awoke this morning to more rocket attacks, nearly one million of its citizens are living underground or in safety rooms, civilians have been killed, businesses are damaged and no end in sight. We also heard today: The notion that Lebanon is simply an "innocent bystander" could not be further from the truth. Evelyn Gordon offers this: One can only conclude that the government is either incompetent or it does side with Hezzbollah and as such is complicit with Hezzbollah's actions to date and must also be held accountable.

Why is not the connection between Hezzbollah and Iran receiving more media play? Iran is Hezzbollah's sponsor and manager. It was no coincidance that Hezzbollah launched its attack upon Israel when it did-international attention quickly shifted from Iran's developing nuclear bomb ability and Iran's stated intention to destroy Israel and take over the Western world. Those who remember history understand that Hizbullah's first attack was in 1983, against the US Marine barracks that killed 241 people. The Hizbullah-Iranian terrorist axis is not just an Israeli problem as it involves the entire Western world.

Iran's strategy is clear - use agents like Hezbollah to "disrupt the possibility of normal life in various countries and bring down their social and economic structure to its knees.

Hezzbollah is attacking Christian holy sites and killing Muslims in a sovereign country called Israel. It is thus a clear and present danger to anyone it deems is in their way. However, the media seems to forget all of this, disavow that it exists and is intentionally misleading its consumers. They appear to now conceal the genocidal motivation of Iran and its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah. The indiscriminate missile attacks by Iranian-trained terrorists on Israeli civilians in Haifa and other towns or kibbutzim are the opening salvo of what Islamists hope will be a second Holocaust.

Instead of repeating, without definition, that Israel has responded disproportionately and is collectively punishing the citizens of Lebanon, why does the media not present the Arab tactics of using human shields, hiding within civilian populations, storing rockets, rocket launchers in living rooms of the Lebonese people as well as storing munitions in childrens' bedrooms? Why are these atrocities of behavior left out of the reporting?

An Israeli soldier recently shared this: The world is full of naive bleeding hearts that will bash Israel for doing what it has been FORCED to do. They forget the fact that when soldiers go into an Arab town for the sole purpose of finding a group of terrorists, the "civilians" are suddenly not so civil. They have guns, they throw molotov cocktails, and rocks, big large cement blocks at soldiers. That is what we experience everyday in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. We are fighting a guerilla and civilian army at ALL times.

The soldier went on to say: Do you know why so many soldiers die in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon? Not because the enemy's army is better, they are not even close to the IDF. We have better equipment, more equipment, better training, so how is it that soldiers are kidnapped and killed? That's a good question. It is the international community keeping such a close look, and bias toward Israel's defense tactics, that our hands are tied in defending ourselves properly. We take so many dangeous steps in order to protect civilians, that in return, we are killed and kidnapped. Did you know that at the Lebanon Border for the last ten years, because of "International" pressure, that if you see 500 Hizbollah terrorists with AK47's and rocket Launchers and missles coming up to the actual border fence, 50 feet from the Israel soldiers, 50 feet from Israel's soil, that the IDF cannot fire unless they fire first! They can aim, set up shop 50 feet from you, but until they fire and shoot at you, the Israeli soliders cannot defend themselves. Is that logical? No, it is insane.

Perhaps you can begin to understand our upset when we turn on the news, talk with friends and family overseas who wonder why Israel is acting so brutally towards the Lebonese people. I conclude with the following information, my hope is that you will share it with your friends.

At the airport, the runways were taken out, so that arms couldn't come in for Hezbollah, but control towers and terminals were left in place for future Lebanese use. Civilians have not been targeted by the Israeli military-it is against their rules of engagement and is contrary to their code of ethics. For reporters and the media to continue this charade is unethical and does nothing more than ignite the hostilities thus escalting the events on the ground. It is time for truth in reporting.

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