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"There are 1.5 million people living in Gaza and only one of them really needs humanitarian aid. Only one of them is locked in a tiny room and never sees the light of day, only one of them is not allowed visits and is in uncertain health - his name is Gilad Shalit." — Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak

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Definition of a Terrorist

An Israeli who was once very active in the branch of government dealing with terrorism gave this definition:

There are five parties to every act of terrorism:

  1. The person who orders it;
  2. the person who arranges it;
  3. the person who commits it;
  4. the person/people attacked
  5. the political people (government, press, etc.) whose judgement is intended to be influenced.

The Tampa Bay PRIMER web site contained an article from the St. Petersburg Times in which an editor there told about all the trouble newspapers were having deciding who is a "militant," and who is a "terrorist."

With the above definition of terrorism, it becomes clear which is which: Militants are fighting for an objective directly. Terrorists are fighting for hidden objectives.

Since the US press seems ignorant of the hidden motives of the so-called Palestinians, and are also ignorant of their origins, beliefs, culture, and just about everything else that is important in this case, THEY CAN'T SEE TERRORISM.

All they see is what the terrorists tell them to see: Straightforward militants fighting for a homeland--as though they didn't already have at least 22 of them!

Twenty-two? Right: They don't even realize that these Arabs are NOT locals from "refugee" camps, but infiltrated terrorists from every Arab country, there to exterminate the State of Israel and its inhabitants off the globe!

What happened to the local Arabs? Senators Gore and McGee went to see, in 1959, if rumors that the refugee camps were empty were true. They wired President Eisenhower, Congress, and the United Nations that no more money should be expended on supporting these camps because the Arabs were GONE: Most assimilating back into Israel, and some going to other countries.

So the terrorists and their families that moved into Israel to REPLACE the missing "refugees" are there ONLY TO KILL, not to live, seek peace, work, a country, or any other normal human goal.

In fact, about 150,000 LOCAL ARABS who enjoyed the prosperity and freedom of living in Israel have been killed over the past 30 years by these invading terrorists. Yes, these terrorists are much harder on Arab "traitors" than on "infidels."

This definitely makes these invaders NOT militants, but full-blown terrorists.

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